Welcome to the “Fall 2016 Collection”

Finally ??? I have completed the “Fall 2016 Collection”. It took every little bit of energy in me to finish this collection whilst juggling a million other things. I look after my three-year-old grandson and one-year-old granddaughter during the day, and work from 7 pm till 3 am on my jewelry. Along the way, I have learned new techniques in jewelry finishing, but I am also learning how to build a website, and all that comes with it such as plugins, widgets, custom css code, SSL certificates,  SEO, and online marketing. I am also learning how to make brochures, take and edit pictures, and make collages.

I hope that you will all bear with me and stay with me during this journey of learning. I work hard so as not to disappoint myself or those who have stood by me and supported me thus far: my Dad, my daughter, my sister, my grandson (who always wants to help), my niece – Dalia, my son-in-law, my brother-in-law, my cousin Amel, my friends AZ, and AB. Thank you all for your invaluable support and contributions.

Now that I am done with actually producing the collection, I will dedicate some time to refining and polishing the appearance of the website and my marketing campaign before I embark on the new collection for the Spring of 2017, which I hope to launch in early March . I look forward to hearing your views and suggestions so that “Candace Jewels” truly becomes a personal jewelry designer to those who love the natural beauty of color in gemstones.

Susan Khalil


December 4, 2016